Vehement Media Collabrates with Digital Journal

Vehement Media Collabrates with Digital Journal

Vehement’s press release distribution service helps businesses and organizations get their message out to the world. We offer a wide range of distribution channels including major news outlets, social media and industry-specific platforms to ensure your press release reaches your target audience.

Vehement team of experts works closely with the audience to create a compelling message and deliver it on the right channels. With our press release distribution service, businesses can increase their visibility, reach new customers and enhance their brand reputation.

Our public relations experts provide specific information about product launches, new business updates, special events or similar events.

Vehement Media collaborates with Press Release Digital Journal. Digital Journal is one of the top research and news websites in the industry. Founded in 1998, we are an independent media company that has lived through many waves of media and digital transformation.

Digital Journal is very pleased with the dedication and work of Vehement Media, the network of websites that Vehement has built over the past year. This makes Vehment Media a trusted network for distributing press releases is a social news site powered by citizens like you. Comprised of professional journalists, citizen journalists, bloggers, passionate writers and regular Joes and Janes, covers today’s news and issues from multiple perspectives.

Digital Journal focuses on adding voice to the news cycle so they can help businesses to share news with readers or searchers, while also empowering our audience to learn something new. Digital Journal’s mission to amplify voice and seek insight is rooted in our belief that single, important pieces of news and information are lost in a fragmented (and frankly loud) news cycle.

Also Digital Journal is a global media platform and content partner that adds voice to the news cycle. Online since 1998. The digital journal reaches 1 million+ people per month.

A digital journal platform allows news flash to be taken and distributed across a network of specific publications, so they share first things widely and to a specific audience focused on a specific topic.

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