April 12, 2021, 0 Comments

Vehement Media Announces the addition of new portals in his network

The ever-growing news distribution network adds 10 new news portals to the vehement network.

Vehement Media around 1 month ago announced its collaboration with Comtex News Network and now it adds 10 new portals to the network.

Following are the 10 websites added to the network:

Vehement Media has big plans ahead for the future of the company’s growth.

Vehement Media is in works to build 2 networks specific to the domains which are gaining quite a traction these days.

About Vehement Media:

Vehement Media is a unique News Publication and Distribution agency. Unique in a way that the 100+ websites in the network for distribution are all Google News Publisher Center approved and live on the Google news app. Apart from this, Vehement Media owns and operates more than 15 major news portals both national and international.